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Free to explore history

It’s fun and easy learning about a place by taking to the streets. Boston’s Freedom Trail walks you around the sites of the events that make Boston the cradle of the American Revolution, although Philadelphia and other places do play a part. Free to explore history
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Boston’s craft brews

Boston has an active craft beer scene and the state of Massachusetts has at least 47 micro-breweries, 10 of them in greater Boston. I signed up for an evening brewery tour with the Boston Brewery Company, and eventually five of us headed off in a van across the river to Night Shift Brewing. Boston’s craft brews
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Gate is at the heart of Berlin

If there there is one single thing that says Berlin, it has to be the Brandenburg Gate. Opened in 1791 as a symbol of peace, the Brandenburg Gate has come to say Berlin in the same way as the Eiffel Tower says Paris, Big Ben says London and the Harbour Bridge says Sydney. Gate is at the heart of Berlin
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