A weird place to stay; Z hotel in Piccadilly

I’d like to say nice things about this place. But it’s hard because so much didn’t go well, though the staff always apologised. They were willing to fix things and to try and make up for the various lapses with offers of wine, beer, coffee and food.

The Z hotel in Piccadilly is one of the new breed of micro hotels, well situated and with some amenities but with tiny, and I really do mean tiny rooms. The length of the bed was the entire width of the room. The suitcase goes under the bed and the clothes pegs on the right of the picture are the wardrobe.
A weird place to stay; Z hotel in Piccadilly
There is a small bedside table – with a shelf, but no drawers. The bathroom is small but quite functional. The shower is good; toilet and hand basin are fine. There are a couple of shelves above the toilet. I put some underwear there, but they are not deep enough for a folded shirt.

The hotel is so new that the reception desk is still being built. Two receptionists are sitting on desk chairs just inside the sliding door from the street with a laptop on a low table when I arrive.

I am offered a beer or wine and an apple while it is explained that they are open (always good to hear when one has made a reservation) and that everything is working. Well that’s kind of true. The wi-fi comes and goes. It works on my first night, but not the next morning, although a work around is made which enables me to connect. Later in my stay we are all connecting through a different route.

The room key is an electronic tag, and once inside the room the card goes in a slot to activate the electricity. First time, no problem.

The next day the light in the door goes orange not green; entry is barred. I go downstairs and get a new room key, and this time it works. Ok teething troubles, forget about it. But is happens again, and I have to troop downstairs the following day to get a third card. Irritating – on top of the wi-fi issues.

There are no fridges in the room, and on the small bedside table there is an electric jug with the usual supplies of tea, coffee and sugar, and UHT milk. I use my two milk sachets the first night.

Nest morning the room is serviced, bed made, towels changed, the usual stuff, but no new milk sachets. Ok, not a big deal. I can drink tea without milk, but on the following morning it happens again, and again on the third morning.

Irritating –on top of the key and the wi-fi issues. I don’t complain, and instead just help myself to some milk sachets from the breakfast counter. Oh, I almost forgot. The cake of black soap in my room when I arrive disappears on the second day. I use my own.
On the plus side, the bed is very comfortable and the big fluffy towels are the best I have had in a long time. The shower pressure is strong and the place is clean and fresh. The staff while almost entirely from various parts of central Europe are obliging even if not always in control of what is happening.

Breakfast which was not originally included in my tariff is now complimentary – it’s cereals, some fresh fruit, muffins, toast, croissants, juice, jam, some ham and cheese. Tea, coffee and other drinks are continuously available and free. In the evening there is free wine and cheese. I barely manage to avail myself of any of these, but they were generously on offer.

The Z in Picadilly is part of a chain which advertises itself as “Affordable compact luxury in prime locations.” Well no. The location is prime, and it is certainly compact, but luxury is a considerable overstatement. There are three Zs in London and two more in Liverpool and Glasgow and the chain is spreading

Would I stay there again?  No. Teething troubles aside, it is what it is; a hotel for those prepared to accept micro- rooms. I am not looking for a suite, but I do want something just a bit larger than a dog kennel. The positive aspects – including the location – don’t make up for the dominant factor. It is a hotel with very small rooms. If you are ok with that, then go for it. But is not for me.

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