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A traveller’s tale in the USA – part one of 2 May

Experience trumps expectations in my travels. Experience, it is said, is a great teacher. Given these four experiences I could have coped with ignorance. My dear wife and I set out from Wellington to New York – a long planned trip. That was the easy bit. Here are four expectations we made, make that I made, that were not met. One: if it’s ok internationally, it’s ok domestically. I bought a couple of little bottles of whisky at Auckland airport – about 200 mls each – enough for a few drinks including on the night we arrived in New York after 23 hours of travelling. No problem having them in my hand luggage on an international flight. So they stayed there for the domestic leg. Never even thought about moving them. No, no says the National Safety Administration lady at LAX, each one is over the allowable liquid limit so either check the bag through or surrender them. The booze was NZ20.00 and a second checked bag was USD 25.00. So you do the maths.  Arriving in New York was
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