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Virtuoso will be shortlived

Virtuoso is the new café on the corner of Manners and Willis Street the site where many similar operations have started optimistically only to come adrift. Most recently it was a Mexican café and restaurant on the site is on what used to be called Perrett’s Corner. The Perrett family ran a chemist shop there for many many years before it became Perrett’s Café and Bar somewhere around 2011. Now Virtuoso is poised to follow the footsteps of failure that have befallen some many hospitality operations in that venue. Why? In a town crowded with cafés, bars and restaurants, the minimum requirement is to serve interesting food and satisfying coffee. Virtuoso doesn’t do either. That’s unfortunate for whoever has paid a good deal of money to refit the place and sad for the staff who work there. The fresh appearance with black tables, black high back chairs all neatly arranged and a long black bar is simple and appealing. The flat white I ordered arrived promptly, but it was thin, sharp and bitter. The crema was scant and at $5.50
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